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AccuRx Outcome Recording

You may have noticed that when you mark a conversation as done in Accurx, you can now select an outcome. This could be beneficial for keeping track of the outcomes of conversations and gaining a better understanding of how inbound work is being handled.

How to use outcome recording

When you mark a conversation as done, a box will appear in the conversation thread with a list of outcomes, select one from the list.
Once selected, you can save the outcome to the patient’s record or edit it.
Once you have started recording outcomes, you can view the data on the Patient Triage dashboard page.


Surgery Connect – How to raise a support ticket 

If you’re having an issue with Surgery Connect, it’s best to:

Raise a Support Ticket

  • Via the User Console as soon as possible. They routinely ask for 3 examples of the fault, the time of the call, and the telephone number (if applicable) so they can listen to the recording.
    Watch this video (40 secs)

Submit the Phonebar Diagnostics

  • Type Ctrl + Alt + D on your keyboard to open a diagnostics sending window
  • This will bring up a log of the last two hours activity and will show any unusual patterns and behaviours and can assist X-on in solving the problem

  • Type the user name and practice name in the box at the top and click send diagnostics (limited number of characters)
  • Then click x to close the window


AccuRx Self-book links – Choose a clinician

As a thank you for implementing a total triage model with Accurx, we’re giving Peverell Park Surgery & University Medical Centre early access to one of our most requested features. From early November, you’ll be able to offer your patients their choice of clinician when sending Self-Book links!

With this feature, you’ll be able to empower your patients with choice and continuity of care. This will work hand in hand with your total triage workflows and improve patient experience. 🤝

Read our support article to find out more about this feature. There’s nothing else you need to do in the meantime, we’ll let you know as soon as this is available.