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Telephone: Peverell Park 01752 766644 University Medical Centre 01752 222341

New Call Management System for Peverell Park Surgery

Posted on August 19th, 2021

The practice will soon (Sept 21) be updating it’s legacy telephone lines to a state of the art call management system called Surgery Connect. Surgery Connect is designed specifically for GP surgeries in the UK and offers features and flexibility that improve surgery efficiency alongside creating a better patient experience.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Unlimited lines into the surgery so you will no longer experience an engaged tone during busy periods
  • Clear audio prompts so you know your position in the queue, giving you the option to call-back later if the call is not urgent
  • A “Queue Busting” option for you to receive an automated call-back whilst maintaining your position in the queue
  • Integration with our patient record system to quickly identify you using the telephone number you are calling from
  • Advanced menus options so you can be quickly transferred to the person you need to speak to
  • Automated appointment management without the need to queue to speak to a member of staff

How does Queue Busting work?

During busy periods you will be offered a “call back” option but retain a virtual queue position without the need to stay on the phone. When you near the head of the queue the surgery will simply call you back, saving you money on call costs and reducing the stress of waiting on the line for your turn.