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Live Longer Better


Information and local support for over 65s

Local support

There are various services that connect people to local support for health, wellbeing and independence. People who co-ordinate this are called social prescribers. They can:

  • Link you to local groups and activities
  • Help you make positive lifestyle changes
  • Help you to learn new things and make new friends
  • Refer you to local services and information

Call  01752 203673 or 07305 492193 or email for more information


Wellbeing hubs

Wellbeing hubs provide information and signposting to local services such as mental health support and volunteering opportunities.
Hub name: Jan Cutting Health Living Centre
Tel:01752 203670


Preventing falls

Personalised exercise groups are held within your community.

The benefits are:

  • Improve strength and balance
  • Improve confidence
  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Improve quality of life
  • Meet new people

To find out if this is for you, call us for a conversation: 01752 437177


Steady on your feet

Falling is a common problem, but it’s not an inevitable part of ageing.

Steady On Your Feet is led by the NHS and local authorities to help increase people’s confidence and reduce the risk of falls. Advice and resources are available for anyone worried about feeling unsteady on their feet, with simple tips on staying active, independent, and safe during everyday activities.

For more information go to


Keep warm this Winter

Keeping warm over winter can help prevent serious illnesses like colds, flu, heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

» Heat your home to a temperature that’s comfortable for you
If you can, this should be at least 18C in the rooms that you regularly use. This is particularly important if you have a medical condition. You should also keep your bedroom windows closed at night.

» Do you have concerns about your home being cold or damp?
You can telephone the Warm Home Referrals team on 01752 477117. The service is run by Livewell Southwest, Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Energy Community.

» Receive a free Home Safety visit from the Fire Service
Devon & Cornwall Fire Service offer a free home safety check to anyone over the age of 65. Call 0800 05 02 999 for more information.


Our community

Our local community comes together in warmth and assistance throughout the year to ensure no one feels forgotten. It is important to feel connected to our community and look after ourselves and those around us. So how can you help your community this winter?

» Keep in touch with friends, neighbours and family and let them know if you need anything practical such as stocking up on essential items or medication, and if you are warm enough.

» Wrap up warm. Wearing shoes with good grip can prevent falls on ice and wearing scarves can reduce the risk of chest infections. Encourage others to wear the same.

» Join a local group and make some new friends.  You can call the Age Positive Project team for more details on 07305 104006.


Useful contacts

Keep this list of key contacts on hand for support over the winter.

Practice Details
Peverell Park Surgery

Tel: 01752 766644

Your local Wellbeing hub
Hub name: Jan Cutting Health Living Centre

Tel: 01752 203670

Age Positive Project
This project supports over 65’s to reduce social isolation and frailty.

Tel: 07305 104006

Age UK Advice Line
This is a free, confidential telephone service for older people.

Tel: 0800 678 1602

Livewell Southwest
For advice, support, and signposting for those aged 65+

Tel: 01752 306900

If you are worried about your mental health or that of someone else, call Plymouth Options for advice
Tel: 01752 435419.


This webpage has been co-produced by Timebank South West, The Wolseley Trust, Improving Lives Plymouth, GP practice Networks across Plymouth & West Devon, Livewell Southwest and NHS Devon Integrated Care Board.

Live Longer Better – Published 09/10/2023