Important - We are changing our clinical IT system in June 2024, and we want to explain why we are doing this and what impact this will have on the service we provide to you. For more information search "we-are-changing-our-clinical-it-system" in latest news.

Peverell Park Surgery & University Medical Centre

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IMPORTANT: Online consultation will not be available until Monday 24th June while we transition to our new patient record system.

Important - Due to our clinical system change this month we can only deal with urgent requests between the 5th and 13th June, and from the 14th onwards, we ask that you please be patient with us. Please view we-are-changing-our-clinical-it-system for information regarding non-urgent requests .

SystmOne Training Videos – RECEPTION





Basics Logging on and off of SystmOne 6.48
Basics Localisation 2.56
Basics General navigation 9.38
Basics Patient record navigation 30.58
Basics Viewing Recent Patients 1.26
Basics Patient Locator 2.22
Basics The Tabbed Journal 23.59
Basics Marking an Entry in Error 1.57
Basics Record Restrictions 6.49
Basics Test Patient 7.34
Basics SCR – Introduction 2.5
Basics Panic Button 1.36
Basics User Preferences 3.45
Basics Favourite Screen 3.58
Basics F Key Shortcuts 11.58
Basics Learning Notes 5.01
Basics SystmOne Change Screen 5.25
Basics Help, Support and FAQs 1.35
Messaging Instant Messaging and Notifications 7.12
Messaging Using Tasks 19.25
Messaging Task Configuration 14.28
Messaging Pharmacy First 5.48
Messaging Hints and Tips – Messaging 3.23
Registration Registration and Demographic Changes 6.44
Registration EDSM Overview 2.01
Registration Changing Patient Details 6.39
Registration Residential Institute Code 5.11
Registration New Online User Account for Non Patients 9.46
Registration Registering a Patient for Online Services 15.11
Admin of a Record Changing Patient Details 6.39
Admin of a Record Managing Relationships 10.05
Admin of a Record Adding Recalls 11.30
Admin of a Record Adding Reminders 1.57
Admin of a Record Coded Entries 5.57
Admin of a Record Viewing Medication 15.17
Admin of a Record Viewing Pathology Within a Patient Record 1.29
Admin of a Record Viewing Letters 5.09
Admin of a Record Viewing Vaccinations 4.14
Admin of a Record Event Details 15.33
Admin of a Record Registering a Patient for Online Services 15.17
Admin of a Record Patient Plan Box 2.26
Admin of a Record Printing Records and Summaries 4.26
Admin of a Record The Tabbed Journal 23.59
Admin of a Record Removing a Date of Death 5.55
Appt Basic Functionality Appointment Basic Functionality 6.53
Appt Basic Functionality Appointment Bookmarks 3.44
Appt Basic Functionality Booking Appointments 10.28
Appt Basic Functionality Appointment Search and Free Slot Search 5.53
Appt Basic Functionality Textual Appointments and Rota Extension 2.02
Appt Basic Functionality Using Bulk Actions 2.10
Appt Basic Functionality Printing Clinic Lists 2.43
Appt Basic Functionality Hints and Tips – Appointments and Visits 3.59
Consultation Patient Record Navigation 30.58
Consultation Using Clinical Tools 1.5
Consultation Hints and Tips – Consultations 3.56
Viewing Data SCR – Viewing and Amending the Summary Care Record (GP) 2.47
Prescribing Prescription Search 1.48
Prescribing Pharmacy Nomination 2.28
Letters & Referrals Writing a Letter 5.05